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toe taps

Holding the roller with straight arms and the body steady. Step one leg out to the side keeping the hips steady, tapping the toe and bring it back to the centre. Repeat on the other leg.

At this stage we should be doing two sets of all the exercises outlined so far.

If you find two sets of 10 too easy then increase the reps to 20 per movement, rather than moving onto three sets, which may be too much.

It's important to perform each exercise correctly so spend a little time getting into position. This should be gradual as an abrupt swing into action can lead to injury.

As all movements work on the core, weakness can show in the lower back or lumber area. If this happens then just adjust the position of your legs, you may be arching your back upwards or even going into the roller position by dropping the pelvis too low.

Try finding the centre point of gravity and feel the abdominal area working. If you're finding tenderness under the shoulder area and arms, it simply means the emphasis and strength is being put on the upper body - but we also want the tummy to get in on the action.

So go back over each exercise until you can master the concept. It simply means transitioning from one position to another with strict form.

Results will be quicker with less chance of injury, which should be part of your overall plan. Remember to see the tummy decrease you must change your eating habits, exercises alone absolutely won't work.

Over the weekend I ventured into the cinema - they should rename it the restaurant cinema as a very overweight couple sitting in front of us was consuming large quantities of junk food: two large buckets of popcorn, two huge cartons of coke, two enormous hot dogs and nachos. Even the smell of this junk food was truly awful.

Living on that type of food will eventually lead to sickness and obesity. Their total sugar content in the snack food was about 40-plus spoonfuls each.

So, if you want to see results, try to stay focused, train, eat healthy most of the time - all this will help you will stay alive a little longer and have a better quality of life too.

Next week we'll bring you the final instalment of this programme.

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Plank roll outs

In an upper plank position with the body straight and hands on the roller. Carefully roll the arms away to the point you can control and return to the starting point.

Push up

From your knees and with hands on the roller. Lower your chest towards the floor bending from the elbows. Make sure you leaver the body down keeping the stomach tight and engaged.

Dog leg raise

On All fours holding the roller. Keeping the knee bent and rotate the leg out to the side keeping the back flat and steady.