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"Lettuce is easy to grow at pretty much any time of the year.

"Lettuce is easy to grow at pretty much any time of the year.

Sow a 6 or 8-module tray of lettuce (with one seed in each module) once a month and you'll have a consistent supply of your own fresh lettuce.

Runner beans are great too. From a little seed you get an 8ft tall plant that produces loads of lovely beans.

Here in the Grow It Yourself office, we've grown runner beans in a pot and they've trailed up the office blinds! Sow them in April or May and they will be ready in August.

Potatoes are really the most versatile of vegetables and they are easy to grow.

Pop one spud in the soil and it turns in to a plant which produces lots and lots of other spuds.

Sow them from March to May for eating from June to September.

Beetroot, a genuine superfood, is also a cinch to grow yourself.

Sow in March - one seed per module in a module tray ¬ - and then plant out in the garden about a month later."

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