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Leigh Arnold jets off on 'babymoon' before giving birth


Leigh Arnold on holiday/Instagram

Leigh Arnold on holiday/Instagram

Leigh Arnold and Steve Davies

Leigh Arnold and Steve Davies


Leigh Arnold on holiday/Instagram

She's due to give birth in a matter of weeks, but that hasn't stopped actress Leigh Arnold from enjoying a sunshine getaway in Italy.

The Clinic star (35) is expecting her third child in September and has been enjoying the last few weeks of her pregnancy in idyllic Tuscany.

The RTE star showed off her growing bump in a bikini on Twitter and certainly looks to be making the most of her "babymoon".


However, the sleepless nights seem to have already started for Leigh as she revealed her unborn baby is keeping her up at night.

"Why just when I want to go to bed does baby decide to wake up and kick me like they are doing 10 rounds with Bruce Lee?" the Dublin star tweeted.

Leigh and her husband Steve, who are parents to son Hunter (3), were left heartbroken when their newborn son Flynn died suddenly in 2013.

The actress previously revealed to the Herald she has begun writing a book to help her cope with the loss.

"I've been writing a book quietly for some time now, kind of on and off," she said early this year.

"It's something that has helped me heal a lot - whether I decide to publish it or not, we'll see."