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Leigh Arnold: 'I gave up TV career for babies but I'm ready to return now'


Leigh Arnold and husband Steve Davies

Leigh Arnold and husband Steve Davies

Leigh Arnold and husband Steve Davies

She has taken a break from her acting career since starting a family and Leigh Arnold has admitted she worries about landing a role when she returns to work.

The pregnant actress (36) has been away from the small screen since RTE drama The Clinic ended in 2009 and is due to give birth in August.

However, Leigh is hoping to return to work soon after she welcomes her baby.

“I am definitely thinking about getting back to work in the near future,” she said.

“It is a weird business. When I got out of The Clinic I got a lot of calls. But now that I am thinking about getting back into it I find myself wondering if those roles will ever come back

“I have been away so long that I need to start thinking about my future.”

The TV star revealed that there are two particular shows she would have wanted to be cast in.

“Love/Hate was sensational and so was The Fall. I would have absolutely loved to have been part of either of those shows. Any actor would, obviously. But instead I was watching as a fan.”

The Foxrock native, who is married to Steve Davies, is also mother to Hunter (3) and baby Flynn, who passed away  two weeks after being born in 2013.

Leigh said she chose to be a hands-on mother instead of rushing back to work.

“I definitely became a mum ahead of being an actress in the years since The Clinic,” she told Sunday World Magazine.

“I had to step away. I didn’t just want to send [Hunter] off to a creche or get a childminder, so I was really lucky that Steve is doing well enough to support me,” she said.