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Left soaking only in the kindness of strangers after a downpour

The Astonished Heart is one of my favourite movies and I adore the quote Noel Coward chose from the King James Bible: "The Lord shall smite thee with madness, and blindness, and astonishment of heart."

Of course, in the movie version there's no happy ending, with a seemingly strong marriage falling apart and a tragic suicide.

It does, however, show how kind people can be to one another, even in the most desperate of circumstances. This is a film that reminds me why you should not get smug, complacent or indeed cynical.

It takes all sorts to make this imperfect world a perfect place but right now I am on a roll when it comes to meeting living angels.

Back to Biblical -- as that is what the rain was like last Saturday. I could see the sky getting darker and darker every second and the only reason I cared is that I was pushing my Leo back to Cheeverstown in his wheelchair and I want nothing bad to ever happen to him.


I was happy to arrive home soaked but things like that do not happen to Leo on my watch. We sheltered under a big tree. However, I quickly realised that this 'shower' was down for the rest of the day.

I was thinking what Plan B was when I saw a car abruptly pull in above us on the opposite side of the road, do a U-turn and then come back to where we were hiding.

The driver offered us a lift home. Mr Leo was deposited in the front seat (he's excellent at directions so co-driving is his ultimate thrill), and I was in the back, holding a cord our angel driver had tied to one of the wheels so that it would not fall out (I know how much these bad boy wheelchairs cost!).

When I asked him why he had stopped he simply said: "I saw a man in a wheelchair with a young girl trying to shield him from the rain. I had to stop."

The "young" bit warmed my little heart!

Three days later my heart is still astonished, in the best possible way. >Dee O'Keeffe