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Leaving Cert Diary: Three exams left, but the worst is yet to come


William Murphy

William Murphy

William Murphy

A LOT of my friends have now finished their exams, but for me the worst is yet to come.

Art history went very well yesterday. I managed to answer almost three questions and I was able to get it done in two hours.

Two of my prepared questions had come up and I had enough information to make a good stab at the question on post-impressionist painters.

I also answered the question on Irish art in the Iron Age. The paper is only worth 37pc out of the whole paper, but I appreciate the theory as well as the practical side of art so I enjoyed it.

Many of my friends finished up yesterday, so it was hard to watch that – knowing that I have three more to go.

Today, I will sit the paper for construction studies. It’s one of my stronger subjects, so last night I just had a little bit of last-minute revision to do and I’m feeling good about it.

I’m apprehensive about next week though. The last two exams are the ones I find the hardest. I have Italian and the joint subjects of physics and chemistry to face, but I’ve studied as best as I can for them all year.

William Murphy (19), from Cabra, is a student in St Paul’s CBS