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Kathryn Thomas: 'Boyfriend Padraig pushes me to go for a run, even in the bad weather'


Kathryn Thomas and partner Padraig McLoughlin

Kathryn Thomas and partner Padraig McLoughlin

Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn Thomas


Kathryn Thomas and partner Padraig McLoughlin

Presenter Kathryn Thomas has revealed that her boyfriend Padraig pushes her to get out running after a long day's work.

The Operation Transformation presenter is known for her healthy lifestyle and her great exercise regime and it seems that's a trait she shares with her restaurateur beau.

"He's just eats really well and he gets out and trains, he could be training four or five times a week," she said.

"He's brilliant, he's great. We both go to the gym now, and go running together which sounds a bit sad.

"But he pushes me, especially on the cold nights if you don't get out in the morning.

"When it's after work and it's lashing rain outside he'll go 'c'mon' and I'll go 'ew'."

Kathryn also revealed that Padraig lost five stone before he met her and has run 14 marathons since.

The Voice of Ireland presenter admitted that they both had a tough year but it made them stronger as a couple.


"We're totally happy. Last year was a great year for both of us in so many ways, and it's been the toughest as well," she said.

"I lost my grandmother last year and Padraig just recently lost his mum.

"I think to have each other's back in something, it doesn't bring you close together but it's reaffirming that it's right and you're both in a good place," she said.

"You're both able to help each other in a way that brings out the best in you."

Kathryn (35) previously presented the travel show No Frontiers for ten years and admits that her life is more organised now.

"I'd have more structure and routine in my life in that I have a house and a partner and two dogs.

"I'm not every five minutes running off to an airport and not knowing where I'm going... that was my life for 10 years," she explained.

While she has lots planned for the year ahead - such as working with her production company and a health and fitness course she's created combining her love of travel with her keeping fit - she also wants to pursue more radio work.

"I love it, I'm constantly in RTE Radio 1 looking after all that," she told Woman's Way magazine.

But she won't confirm she's getting a radio slot.

"No, none that's been qualified or clarified yet…As I said there's nothing that's been confirmed but just lots of movement and lots of talking," she said.