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Kathryn: 'I'm happy out but in no rush to settle down'


Kathryn Thomas and partner Padraig McLoughlin. Photo: Caroline Quinn

Kathryn Thomas and partner Padraig McLoughlin. Photo: Caroline Quinn

Kathryn Thomas and Padraig McLoughlin at The Voice of Ireland wrap-party at No. 37 Dawson Street

Kathryn Thomas and Padraig McLoughlin at The Voice of Ireland wrap-party at No. 37 Dawson Street


Kathryn Thomas and partner Padraig McLoughlin. Photo: Caroline Quinn

RTE presenter Kathryn Thomas may be "happy out" with her current boyfriend Padraig McLoughlin, but the Operation Transformation host has no intentions to tie the knot just yet.

The couple have been going out since the Summer of 2013, meeting in Donoghues on Dublin's Baggot Street, and Thomas admits the pair "bring out the best in each other".

"We're happy out. It's great to just feel at peace again and I've found a best friend as well, so it's lovely," the Carlow native explains.

Despite describing the restaurateur as her best friend, Thomas admits that she has no plans to settle down in the relatively new relationship just yet.


"I've never really been that person, That's not to say that I wouldn't, but it doesn't hold a massive draw for me, in terms of the big white dress and the big day; it's not a priority," she explained.

"I'm not going to say I'd rule it out though, and my mother and sister would love it, but right now I'm happy with the way things are going. It's still relatively new as well," she added.

The couple spent Christmas Day apart, but then spent two days in each others company before heading straight back to work on New Year's Eve.

Kathryn admits that the two are happy and that they're learning new things about each other everyday, including how to compromise and to bring out the best in each other.

The former No Frontiers presenter, who turns 37 this month, also discussed the possibilities of being a mum down the line, saying that her "biological clock is ticking".

She has in the past been a supporter of companies such as Facebook and Google who allow their female employees a chance to freeze their eggs so that they can climb the professional ladder, which herself has done.

Despite being vocal about the issue, she was at first "nervous" speaking out about it.

"I was nervous about speaking so openly about my experiences, and my own thoughts and feelings on something that is as personal and private as that, but I just think it's really important that women look at the different options that are available to them," she told VIP magazine.

Kathryn also expressed her delight at having Saturdays star Una Healy on the Voice of Ireland panel, describing her as a "good Irish cailin at heart".

"Una is brilliant, it's funny because she's so stunning and then she comes out with this big Tipperary accent.

"She's a bit kooky and I like that about her. She loves country and traditional Irish music as well, and any time anyone did a bit of that she was up dancing along," Kathryn explained.

As well as hosting the Voice of Ireland, she is now currently working on the eighth series of Operation Transformation.

Thomas, will front the programme in which five leaders battle head to head to get control of their weight with the help of four professionals.


Among the contestants is 21-year-old Alan Mullen, who decided to apply for the programme after cruel locals made a wager that he would be dead by Christmas.

With two shows running simultaneously, January and February tend to be Kathryn's busiest months of the year, but the hectic work load shouldn't phase the presenter, who has worked in broadcasting since she was 19.

Having recently moved in with Padraig, she finally feels "at peace" with herself, but said that she is taking things day by day with her boyfriend.

"I'm just somebody who goes day to day and month to month, and as long as both parties are happy - which we are, very much so - that's the main thing" the RTE presenter added.