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Just the job if you need to lighten up

BRIGHT SPOTS: Keep your peepers on high alert this January for Bobbi Brown's new Extra Bright Skincare line (Foaming Cleanser: €33.50; Advanced Moisture Lotion: €48 and Advanced Serum: €76). Clinique kick- started the move towards skincare that really repairs dark spots and discolouration some years ago with their Even Better range and while they are still my 'go to' for this need, Bobbi Brown's new range will be one to watch. They continue the brightening theme in their make-up range with items such as Brightening Finishing Powder (€40), also on counters in January 2013.

ROCK HARD FITNESS: Lots of interesting ideas cross our desks here in Herald HQ, but Rock Hard Fitness had what one calls the 'X' factor. Malcom Scott is a fitness instructor and physical therapist with a passion for rock music and pushing himself when he is working out.

This combination led him to develop the aforementioned Rock Hard Fitness, a regime that takes in cardio, interval training, resistance training; Pilates and yoga, all to the sounds of rock music. "You will never work harder or sweat more as you go through the routine," says Malcom. "You get all the benefits of training in a class or group but the only person you are competing against is you," he adds. "This means that the class is suitable for all levels of fitness and for men and women.

Classes take place in Clontarf on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For more info see rockhardfitness.ie or email info@rhf.ie. Malcom even sent us a CD with his heavy rock play list, bless, so we can power walk there in the correct frame of mind.


CAMOUFLAGE: No matter how long you've been a couple, there are those moments when you want to look alluring for himself at bedtime. The appeal of this sexy/sweet John Rocha chemise (€29 at Debenhams) is that it skims all the post-Christmas lumps and bumps and focuses mainly on the cleavage. If you're too broke to buy at all then simply try wearing one of his shirts, it can do quare things to a fella, in a good way, and no, we've zero idea why this seems to be the case. Just go with it.

PS... Don't forget to send any cost and time saving beauty tips into: deeokeeffe@herald.ie.