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Just muscle up for better tone and contour

As a personal trainer, women always ask me how they can get their bingo wings under control.

It's not just women "of a certain age" either, younger women too, especially brides-to-be, want toned arms so they can wear their wedding dress with confidence and look back on the photos with pride.

The good news is that you don't need fancy equipment for arms to rival Michelle Obama. Try this work-out three times a week, performing each exercise for 10 to 20 repetitions, before moving onto the next.

Take a one-minute break after completing the circuit of three exercises.

The goal is to complete three full circuits.

1 Standing overhead tricep extensions Take the Golden Pages and, holding it with both hands, raise arms straight over your head.

Keeping your body steady, bend your elbows so the book moves down your spine behind head, until touching your shoulders.

Move back to the start position.

2Tricep dips You can use a solid chair or stairs. Sit with your hands grasping the edges of the chair, feet firmly on floor, move your buttocks an inch from chair. Keep elbows to the rear as you lower yourself towards the floor, then rise to start position.

3 Kneeling close-grip push-up Use a mat and get into a press-up position on your knees. Have your hands chest-width apart and tuck your elbows into sides as you lower towards floor before rising.

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