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Junior Cert Exam Diary: I feel like a weight has been lifted


Isabel Doyle

Isabel Doyle

Isabel Doyle

I AM on the homestretch now, with just one more exam to go – it’s a huge weight off my shoulders.

Now that it’s almost over, I’m looking back at all of the work over the last three years in preparation for these exams. It’s something of an anti-climax, to be honest.

At least it has been good practice for the Leaving Cert.

The science paper went as well as I expected it to. It’s not my favourite subject and if there were any surprises on the paper it was just because I hadn’t studied those questions.

On the paper there are three sections: biology, chemistry and physics. You have no choice in the questions and they tend to cover the whole course.

There isn’t much that you can afford to leave out when revising for science.

The night before I revised as much as possible – that’s the last of my cramming sessions.

Everyone was expecting that the physics section would be the hardest, but it turned out to be the other two that were tough.

I attempted to answer everything though and I stayed until the very end, so I was happy.

Last night I was finally able to go back to training for swimming. I’m a competitive swimmer, so it was hard not to be able to exercise while the exams were on.


It’s great not to be heading into school today for another exam.

I have a break now until next Wednesday, when I will sit the music exam.

It’s going to be hard to get down to studying between now and then – especially if the weather is good – but I’ll just have to do it.

I’ve been playing the violin for years and I sing too so I should be well able to tackle the last paper.

I’m confident that it will go well if I can keep up the revision between now and then.

Isabel Doyle (15) from Rathgar is a student at Sandford Park School