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Jet lag can be beaten -- by naps between parties

MONDAY Mid-morning in Dublin Airport for Aer Lingus' flagship New York service EI 105. In JFK, because of the customs arrangements in Dublin, the luggage was checked through to Los Angeles. Other European passengers have to get through immigration, retrieve their baggage, clear customs and recheck. The transfer from Terminal 4 to Terminal 5 is one stop on the Airtrain. You can make it in 20 minutes. But allow more for the Jetblue free WiFi at the gate.

Touchdown at LAX was just after dark at 8pm, in time to catch the last coach transfer to the sprawling Westin Bonaventure Hotel.

It is party time in LA for the travel buyers and travel writers of the world.

TUESDAY They have closed the Kodak Center in Hollywood for us, to showcase the Cirque du Soleil neckache trapeze show Iris, but they have also opened up the cluster of bars, with a throaty jazz singer lighting up the darkness of Rolling Stone LA, and a woman with the most fluorescent lipstick I have ever seen enticing us to try the bowling in Lucky Strike. The bar is one of the best here, so much fun you

forget to bowl.

WEDNESDAY This is my third time on the Pacific Coast of the US in nine weeks: San Diego, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, and now Los Angeles

Jetlag is a fiction. The body can respond to an eight-hour time difference remarkably quickly. A secret weapon is an hour in bed in the afternoon, between press conferences and parties.

THURSDAY Our hotel is on Figuerola Street, with a motorway to the front and the 'historic city centre' a few blocks to the rear.

Central LA is like a line from that Joni Mitchell song about tearing down everything of value to put up a parking lot. The pockmarks of revival amid the concrete decline to our east still jars against the convention centre, basketball stadium, Disney Hall and a cluster of architectural meisterwerks to our west.

FRIDAY Another great party in Universal Studios. They have opened the Transformers ride early for us, in the shake and simulate tradition that's the trademark of Universal California.

SATURDAY I always wondered about being on the 29th floor of a hotel in an earthquake zone. It is a clover leaf of a building with curving towers and glass-walled elevators.

SUNDAY The big news here is the launch of the USA's first TV campaign to promote tourism. They pick out six tourist campaigns that they regard as the most successful, they are Australia, Spain (with that great logo and slogan 'I need Spain'), Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Italy and (you guessed it) Ireland.