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Jamie's Dundrum place loses €368k

JAMIE Oliver's only restaurant in Ireland has lost nearly €368,000 in its first year.

The Naked Chef's Dundrum Town Centre restaurant recorded losses of €367,834 for 2012 which were recorded in the accounts of Enforge, an Isle of Man-based company that runs the Dundrum restaurant.

However, the accounts noted that directors were expecting losses in its first year of operating where it said a "negative balance sheet" due to the high costs of setting up a restaurant was anticipated.

The restaurant, which opened to lengthy queues in November 2012, was a passion project for the chef.

He said that the restaurant was a "dream come true" because Dublin is "a city I've loved for so many years".

Gerald Fitzpatrick owns the franchise of the Dublin business of the chef's operations.


A spokesman for him said that 2013's accounts, which won't be filed for several more months, will be much more positive.

Oliver's was personally involved in the restaurant's initial setting-up stages, making sure it met the same standards as his other establishments.

The 4,500 sq ft restaurant uses Irish produce even though it's an Italian-themed menu and created 75 jobs at its opening. The Italian chef, Marcos Georgiou, that Oliver, who works with his restaurants, visited a number of farms here to source ingredients.

The food festival, the Taste of Dublin, secured the celebrity chef's presence to open the event in 2012, after six years of attempting to get him over for the Iveagh Gardens festival.

The Naked Chef is no stranger to Irish cuisine as he's been endorsing the culinary skills of Dublin's own Donal Skehan. Skehan has contributed to Oliver's FoodTube YouTube channel in the past with the British chef giving him a mention on Twitter.