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Jackie on...

The Government is extremely weak.

It is doing nothing about reining in the banks, and what we've seen with the Anglo tape this week is only a tiny example of what really went on.

Okay, the problems started with the previous Government, but this one can't keep saying that it's someone else's fault. They're in a position to do something about it now, but the only talk is about doing something for mortgage holders, which is very laudable and necessary, but there's nothing being done for business people.

They're killing all of the entrepreneurs – all the people who have vision and are giving employment. Something has to be done to entice those people who did it before to do it again.


IT'S a huge sore in company law and it shouldn't be allowed. You damage so many small businesses and people along the way taking out the so-called 'big business'.

It's a process that doesn't work and it's morally wrong and incorrect. We need someone to stand up for the rights of the small people and the rights of the entrepreneurs.