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I've got the best job on Earth -- making women feel beautiful

THE world of fashion never sleeps and the past week has been no exception. It's been particularly busy for myself and Sonya Lennon as last Tuesday we launched our new book Your Best You, which is all about dressing to show off your best features.

There were about 100 people at our launch in Reiss and we had lots of champagne and canapes. It was a lovely evening, a really nice crowd. We're also filming the new series of Off The Rails and I'm also juggling a few other projects.

Myself and Sonya have just completed a collection of 60 designs which we'll hopefully be launching next year.

We have worked together for years. We are very yin and yang and I honestly believe that the more we do our job, the more confidence we have.


We dress real women every day, not designing for willowy, catwalk women but for the average woman, who is a size 14-16. And I can honestly say that we've never had an argument -- even though we work 60-80 hours a week. I'm really hot-headed and I'm always having fights with people. She's far more mellow but I like to think my impatience moves things along.

I flew over to London last Friday for my radio slot with BBC London. I go over there about once a week. I'm their fashion correspondent on their breakfast show. I've to be in there at about 6.30am so it's a seriously early start for me. On Saturday, my good pal Johnny was having his 40th birthday party in a posh hotel in Mayfair and that was brilliant. Then on Sunday I went to another soiree but I had to be up at 6.30am on Monday to come back to Dublin to do some voiceovers for the new show.

On Tuesday evening, I headed in to Arnotts to see the new Autumn/Winter collection from Peter O'Brien and that was a great show. I think Peter's one of the greatest fashion illustrators of our time. I love what he does, with that strict feminine look.

On Wednesday, I was busy doing a makeover and then the Student Lock-in at Jervis Street shopping centre. Afterwards I had to run over to Odessa for a sit-down with all the team for the first transmission of the new series of the programme.

I also try to make sure I go to the gym about four or five times a week. I get up early and just jump out of bed and cycle in without thinking about it too much. I would honestly lose my mind if I didn't go. It relaxes me and really clears my head.

I've been away in London nearly every weekend for the past few weeks, so this weekend I'm going to have a nice family reunion at a hotel in Portaloise and then I'm driving down to Tralee to host a wedding fair.

Then it's straight back into the day job again, which I adore. I can honestly say that making women feel beautiful is the greatest job on Earth, I love it.