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It's time for us to stop trying to be perfect

JACKIE Rowan is 43 years old and is a single mother to 10-year-old Alabama. She works as a senior account manager for Dublin's FM104 music station and manages to find time for her daughter and her career through careful planning and trying not to worry too much about perfection.

I have been working at FM104 for eight years. My job entails incorporating the maintenance of existing business and development of new business accounts, maintaining customer loyalty and developing marketing ideas.

Every morning, I get up at 6.50am, get myself ready, then get Alabama up, give her breakfast and get her ready for school. She goes to Mass every morning at 8am with the principal of her school, in order for me to get into work for 9am.

Alabama finishes school at 2.30pm, so Monday and Thursday she goes to Homework Club and Tuesday and Wednesday she goes to Irish dancing or speech and drama. Each day she goes to After-School Club until 6pm.


After I have collected her, we go home, put the dinner on and while it's cooking, I go through her homework. Once we've eaten, I do the chores for the following day, get Alabama's uniform ready and make her lunch for the following day -- then its bedtime.

Juggling work and home life can be difficult, but I'm used to it now after years of experience. I am very organised and have a great routine in place -- which definitely helps -- I also have great support from my Mum and Alabama's school.

Multitasking is part of being a working mother -- actually it's part of life for every woman because we do it so well -- but perhaps it's time to stop trying to be perfect.