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It's a case of love at first bite for VictoriaDracula star reveals she misses the blood and gore of vampire series – after just a few weeks

SHE wrapped filming Dracula this summer but screen siren Victoria Smurfit says she's missing the bloodshed and saucy scenes.

"I miss killing people!" she said. "It's been weeks."

Victoria plays sultry temptress Lady Jayne in the series and has described her as a "vampish Veronica Lake".

"My part involved vampires, killing, violence, passion and power. It was lovely," Victoria said.

Aside from cold-blooded murder, the 40-year-old actress also misses filming the more risque sex scenes.

"It's really great to turn up on set and just feel that kind of trust amongst us all because we'd be doing some outrageous scenes – sometimes in costumes that were corsets or thongs," the mum-of-three said.

"There could be 50 sparks in the room and you might never have met half of them and suddenly you have to get your kit off. It would be 'nipple gate' or 'butt-cheek gate' you just have to get on with it. It was fun," she said.

Victoria said she relished playing a kick-ass killer in a corset (or thong). "What I love about Jayne is that she's all-woman, out-there, apologising for nothing and taking what she wants when she wants it," she said.

"I tried to get a slice of the stunt action," said the former Ballykissangel star. "I made sure that my stunt girl had a lot of tea breaks so that I could practise." Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who plays the Lord of Darkness, was taken aback by her violent nature both on and off-camera.



"There was a moment where we came up close and I ripped her top open and in return Victoria just walloped me right in the face," he said.

"For a second I was stunned at how vicious she had been but it really adds to the scene."

Despite the bust-ups, Victoria says working with Rhys Meyers and Katie McGrath was a treat and a dream.

"You know when you hear actors say they all got on and it's kind of vomit-inducing? Well it might be sad to say but we really did!" she added.