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Isn't it time the 'poor little Jen' crowd learnt to act dumb?

And so the real Samantha Brick, aka Angelina Jolie, gets it in the neck once again from team Aniston. It seems that some women do indeed still hate her for being so beautiful that men, including Brad Pitt, cannot resist her.

Comedienne Chelsea Handler, a pal of Jennifer Aniston, had her second public pop at the soon-to-b- second Mrs Pitt in a recent magazine interview. When asked who she thinks would be the opposite of a girl's girl she responded: "Probably Angelina Jolie. She doesn't strike me as someone I would have a close friendship with. You just know as a woman, when you see another woman, if that's a woman you can trust."

In 2010 the Are You There, Chelsea? star branded Angelina a 'homewrecker', using other choice language to demonstrate her contempt. Surely I cannot be alone in thinking that Aniston, now in a year-long relationship with Justin Theroux, might be over the split given that it happened seven years ago. Moreover, her so-called pals banging on about it, as if she is pining away like a limp biscuit, makes her sound a bit pathetic?


Me thinks her comedienne friend needs to go and make some funnies elsewhere. Other people's complicated love lives will always fascinate, but when pals confide relationship dramas in me I nod like one of those toy dogs you see in the back of cars, murmuring the odd 'really' and leave it at that.

When the dust settles on whatever row they had it's as if their conversation with me about what a dope their partner was never happened. Ever.

Most of us have moments in our lives when we do not behave well, when we hurt others for whatever reason. Brad, Angelina and Jen did not invent the love triangle but because they are all so impossibly good-looking, rich and famous, not to mention talented, they do inspire a rare level of curiosity.

It's best to remember that what Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote applies to us all: "Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life, and a secret life." >Dee O'Keeffe