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Is Rihanna the ultimate modern narcissist?

Always the chameleon, RiRI revels in being outrageous, says ANNA COOGAN, bringing pop icon madonna to mind

It's a toss-up between RiRi and Kim Kardashian when it comes to the celebrity who has posted the largest number of provocative photos of themselves online over recent months.

Yet if you're to compare the R&B star to anyone, it would have to be with another artist with a chameleon streak – Madonna.

Like Madonna, Rihanna's clothes and hair are all part and parcel of her palette for creating a public persona of a larger-than-life and risque entertainer.

And she is forever changing her look.

In fairness, it was much easier to be outrageous back in Madonna's heyday when a conical corset and fishnets were considered really mad.

Rihanna's new collection for River Island suggests that the singer's revealing and edgy style may have some sort of high street potential.

Yet it remains to be seen if Rihanna's fabulosity will cross over to young Irish women, especially in the rainy weather.

In fact, she has changed hair colour and styles and make-up so often over the years that whole websites have sprouted up in order to keep track of how she looks this week.

Born Robyn Rihanna Fenty, in Barbados, at age 16 she moved to the United States to pursue a recording career and signed a contract with Def Jam Recordings after auditioning for Jay-Z.




Her on/off relationship with singer Chris Brown – in spite of him having assaulted her – coupled with the singer's constant desire to change her appearance, suggests that Rihanna is a woman who is not yet fully confident in her own skin.

Dark today, blonde tomorrow ... how Rihanna will eventually look when she tires of playing dress-up is just about anyone's guess.