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Is it time you started acting your age?

Madonna may be 53, yet she is the mother of young adopted children, has a toyboy lover and acts way younger than her biological age. The same can be said of former Cheers star Kirstie Alley, who at age 60 dresses and behaves like a much younger woman. While Demi Moore (48) has to be the final word in women who don't act their age.

So does how your life reflect your actual age? Or are you more youthful than your birth cert suggests? Here's a new quiz questioning your mental attitude, lifestyle and health determines whether or not you feel and act younger than your biological age.

How to score each section: A = deduct 1 point. B = 0 points. C = add 1 point. For your final score: total the three scores and then add that figure to your biological age to reveal your real age.

>> Mental attitude

1. How often do you think things were better 'back in the day'?

A. Never.

B. Occasionally I think that.

C. Always, it's true.

2. Do you enjoy mind challenges like crosswords or Sudoku?

A. Yes, love them.

B. Sometimes.

C. Never attempt them.

3. Do you get cranky when plans change?

A. Never, I love surprises.

B. If I was really looking forward to it, yes.

C. I am freaked out when plans change.

4. How often do you walk into a room and forget what you went in for?

A. Never.

B. I have to think hard to remember sometimes.

C. All the time.

5. Should young people listen to your opinions?

A. There should be an equal exchange of opinions between generations.

B. They should give my thoughts due consideration.

C. Absolutely, I've been around longer and know more.

6. Do you have a creative side?

A. I've looked for one, and have tried dancing, drawing, cooking etc.

B. I sometimes think about doing something creative.

C. I don't see the point of creativity.

7. How do you react to stress?

A. I try to find a solution to a problem.

B. I mull things over in my head.

C. I get anxious and lose my appetite.

8. Do you like listening to up-and-coming bands?

A. I love listening to young bands, reading new authors, etc.

B. New cultural trends go over my head.

C. The oldies are best.

9. Can you remember a new friend's birthday without writing it down?

A. Of course.

B. If I make the effort to file it away mentally.

C. I need to write it in my diary straight away.

10. Do you feel life is unfair?

A. Life is an adventure.

B. When I'm stressed, yes.

C. Life is definitely unfair.


>> lifestyle

1. Are you a stickler for routine?

A. Only if it's essential to making my day run smoothly.

B. Some of the time.

C. Yes, I get unnerved if my routine changes.

2. How happy are you with your social life?

A. I always have lots of fun.

B. I could get out a bit more.

C. I rarely socialise.

3. Do you shop for the same things each week?

A. I like trying out new foods and products.

B. More or less.

C. I work off the same shopping list always.

4. Do you holiday in the same place each year?

A. I love seeing new cities and find returning to places I've been to boring.

B. If I absolutely love somewhere, I'll revisit.

C. Yes, I'm only comfortable when I'm familiar with where the good shops and restaurants are.

5. Do you drive everywhere?

A. I prefer walking places.

B. A lot of the time.

C.Why walk when you can drive?

6. How often do you have sex?

A. A couple of times a week.

B. About twice a month.

C. Rarely.

7. do you use social networking sites?

A. I see and speak to people more often than I message them online.

B. I try to keep a balance between meeting up with people and having a virtual social life.

C. I'm too old for social networking.

8. Do you let work take over your life?

A. I work to live.

B. Only when deadlines are looming.

C. I have no time for anything but work.

9. How do you react to a spontaneous invitation?

A. I say 'yipee'!

B. I think about going along.

C. No way, I need a lot of notice before I am ready to attend a party, event. etc.

10. On average, how many hours do you spend watching television each week?

A. Not many, I just watch my favourite shows.

B. A couple of hours each evening.

C. The TV is always on.


>> Health.

1. Do you smoke?

A. God, no.

B. I gave up over five years ago.

C. Yes, and more than five a day.

2. How often do you exercise?

A. 30 minutes, five days a week.

B. Once a week.

C. Never.

3. When did you last have your blood pressure checked?

A. Within the last 12 months.

B. Some time in the distant past.

C. What is blood pressure?

4. Do you get your five-a-day of fruit and veg?

A. Usually.

B. A lot of the time.

C. Do chips count as a portion of potatoes?

5. Do you eat a low-calorie diet?

A. I am aware of the calorie count of foods, and try to make healthy choices.

B. I buy some low-cal foods but am not hung up on eating a low-fat diet.

C. I prefer sausages, burgers and pizza.

6. What is your waist measurement?

A. Less than 36 inches (man) or 31 inches (woman).

B. Around 37 inches (man) or 32 inches (woman)

C. More than 38 inches (man) or 33 inches (woman).

7. How safe are you in the sun?

A. I always apply sun protection cream and never burn.

B. I love to tan but am careful not to burn first.

C. Sunburn is the price you pay for a good tan.

8. How much alcohol do you drink?

A. A couple of units some days, but most days none.

B. I don't drink alcohol.

C. A bottle of wine or half a dozen cans every day.

9. Do any illnesses run in your family?

A. Yes, heart disease, so I have regular check-ups.

B. My dad died of a heart attack, but I think it was because he was unhealthy.

C. What has any of my relative's health to do with me?

10. If you were invited for a free health screening (smear, mammogram, etc) would you:

A. Be sure to go.

B. Occasionally forget to attend.

C. Don't see the point of going to a doctor's surgery unless you feel sick.


>> For your final score: total your three section scores and add this figure to your biological age to reveal your real age.