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Irish designer Laura Jayne designs her second gown for glittering Oscars night


Designer Laura-Jayne and (inset) her dress

Designer Laura-Jayne and (inset) her dress

Designer Laura-Jayne and (inset) her dress

AN Irish designer has struck gold for a second time, with another of her creations being worn to the Oscars.

Laura Jayne Halton (30) previously designed the Oscar gown worn by Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly, who was nominated in 2013 for the movie Head Over Heels.

She was thrilled to get the call again, this time from Oscar hopeful Nora Twomey, whose short film Song of the Sea is up for best animated feature film.

Laura Jayne, from Maynooth, has two weeks to complete her design before Nora heads for Hollywood.

“I can’t believe it’s happening again,” she said.

“We only agreed on a design this week. I had five pages of sketches and the very first drawing I had done was the one she liked. I started working on it right away.”

While Laura Jayne is keeping details of the gown under wraps, she said it will have an “elegant and classic look”.

“Actors are used to wearing huge elaborate gowns, but if you aren’t used to them they are very difficult to walk in,” she said. “We are staying classic and staying away from trains, which are a nightmare on a red carpet.

“It’s a look we’ve seen a lot at the Golden Globes but with more of a softness to it. It’s very elegant and timeless. You could imagine it being worn 40 years ago or in 10 years’ time.”

Laura Jayne said getting a second opportunity to make a dress for the Oscars was “the stuff dreams are made of”.

“The first time I was asked it was a rollercoaster ride, but getting the opportunity to do it again is amazing,” she said.

“To do a second one is verification that the work is good enough.”