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'I'm going back to the simple rules of eating less and moving more'

IS anyone else totally sick of the weight loss ads everywhere? It's bad enough that it's cold, and gloomy, and dark, the annual bills have replaced the Christmas cards in the post, but now we are being made to feel guilty over indulging during the holidays!

I don't know about you, but this year I surpassed myself with gluttony. I didn't mean to of course. Nobody ever means to pig out intentionally. But I happened to be in Harvey Nicks in Dundrum Town Centre with my son, Gary, last month and he picked out a huge Christmas cake (yes, I didn't realise they sold cakes either!) and he insisted that we buy it.

To be honest, I thought it was a great idea to buy a ready-made cake. After all, baking fruitcakes is time-consuming, and this one was in the shape of a large Christmas present, complete with a huge ribbon made out of icing. How impressive!


Well guess what? When we got home and Gary had a piece of the cake, he decided he didn't like it. I, on the other hand, thought it was the most delicious cake ever, and I don't even like fruitcake!

So muggins here ate her way through the entire cake at Christmas, putting on a whopping 10 pounds over a fortnight.

I nearly died of shock when I finally stepped on the scales in the New Year. That could not be right, I told myself. But the scales don't lie. And neither do my jeans. So here I am, cutting down on just about everything that's tasty and nice.

I don't believe in diets. Like a lot of people I think I've tried many of them at this stage of my life.

The most boring one ever was the cabbage soup diet. I didn't feel hungry on it but it was so tedious and I think I only lost a pound after the first week, which didn't exactly help spur me on.


The longest diet I ever stuck to was the Atkins diet (the vegetarian option) which lasted three weeks last summer. At the end of the three weeks I caved in and had a glass of wine. I was just so sick of eggs and cheese and water. Plus I lost no weight. Not even one miserable pound.

My skin and hair felt great and I had amazing energy but my clothes were still tight. After that I decided that I'd never go on a diet again. They don't work, because as soon as you deprive yourself of anything, you suddenly can't think about anything else. And those slimming magazines are a disaster as they are full of photos of meals you can't wait to cook!

I've just gone back to the simple rules of eating less and moving more. I'm ditching the car (I personally blame it for my weight gain!) and sticking on the tracksuit and runners. Oh, and I'm not buying clothes online anymore. No way!

I have bought too many mistakes (too tight clothes that look great on pictures of models online). There is nothing like the brutal honesty of a changing room, or the embarrassing offer from a skinny sales assistant to "look for a larger size in the stockroom", to make you forego dessert.