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If you want great legs and bum avoid weights

I RECENTLY spent the weekend with a bunch of South American women and they all talked obsessively creating the perfect shaped bottom.

Many clients of gyms in Ireland are now spending increased amounts of time doing aerobics, pilates, yoga and spinning in search of the ideal bum too.

While this may help a little, genetics plays the main part. Just look at your parents. Do they have a small frame, small waist and broad shoulders?

Or are they stocky in their build? If so it will be harder to reduce the legs and the hips. But you can of course improve on what nature gave you.

Firstly, look to your waist and tummy. Are they soft? Reducing fat in this area will 
automatically give the illusion of more shapely legs and hips.

Just look at some of the great Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield and Sophia Loren.

Secondly, unsustainable diets are counter-productive. If you've been on a strict diet to lose weight, I'm certain your legs and bottom will not be firm.

Quick weight loss uses muscle and fat for energy which is why on starvation diets you will mainly lose muscle, not fat. Your body will remain fairly soft as it cannot firm up fat.


A good target to set is to lose between one and two pounds per week. Those who have lost a lot of weight quickly may look fine in their clothes but when naked it's a different story.

When young, you may get away with yo-yo weight loss and gain for a short time but as you get older the damage shows very quickly. So stay away from all fad diets and eat healthily.

Try to plan your daily food. Bring your food to work with you. Give yourself a six-week plan, you will easily drop a dress size and up to a stone in weight if you watch your diet and exercise regularly.

In my opinion, the most important thing to remember if you want to have good legs and bottom is to avoid spinning, heavy-resistance cross trainers and heavy weights.

I believe that these cause the body gain muscle on the hips, thighs and top of the calves.

Instead go to a trainer who will personalise a programme for you based on your genetic shape, a programme that will give help firm and your legs waist, but not one which will bulk you up in appearance.

Pilates may help, but you'll never get that firm look you get from proper weight-training.