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If you fall off the diet, just start again

Now that you have completed your first week, you should find that the stiffness you initially felt is starting to disappear.

This week we are adding in exercises for your back, the side of your waist and your tummy. The upper back is an area that gets very soft if not exercised and fat will accumulate there.

However, you will find that when you start exercising it will be the first place that you lose weight.

If you've been following my diet plan, you may have been feeling more tired than usual. This is perfectly normal. When you suddenly cut out sugar or fizzy drinks from your diet, you may find that your energy levels drop.

You may also get headaches which are just withdrawal symptoms from a lack of sugar or caffeine.

If you fall off the diet, just start again. Don't dwell on your failure, stay positive and move on and give your body a chance to adjust to your new regime.

If you're okay walking four miles, up it to five miles. Vary the pace and keep changing your stride every mile. If you can talk while you're walking, you're not walking fast enough.

Your exercise workout should take no longer than 45 minutes. Aim to complete three sets of every exercise by 20 repetitions.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday do your exercise workout. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday go for an hour-long walk. Again, use Sunday as a rest day.

Your target is to lose two pounds a week but in the first few weeks you'll probably lose five or six pounds. This is mainly liquid as you make changes to your lifestyle.

You will have your full programme of exercises by week four and the training will get more intense.

The change in lifestyle often takes a little time to get used to but you have your new slimmed-down body to look forward to for Christmas.

Pat's verdict on Vicki

Vicki is making very good progress considering she was very unfit to start with and had quite an unhealthy lifestyle. She's lost about seven pounds, she's getting fitter and the aches and pains are starting to go.

Also, her attitude has changed. She's not fighting the new regime, she's enjoying it more.