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If women ruled tAuthor Martin Amis, previously accused of Misogyny, Dreams of the rise of female leaders with feminine values, like angela merkel. Suzy belton investigates

"I see a day when politics is feminised, where female values move into the public sphere in a way they haven't quite done yet," Amis told an audience at a recent literary festival. "I think there have been 20 female heads of state since the Second World War -- some by inheritance, some by widowhood. But they have all had to pretend they are tougher than men. That's why Hillary Clinton said if Iran tries anything she will wipe them off the map. Margaret Thatcher was quite devoid of feminine qualities.

"In an imaginable future, the values of women will rise. I want every country to be ruled by an Angela Merkel," he said.

So what would the world really be like if women were in the hot seats? We asked some well-known women if a female-ruled planet is something they aspire to?

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Dr Penny Rogers, consultant clinical psychologist

"Would the world be a better place if ruled by women? My immediate response to this question is to ask more questions, the first one being, would women want to rule the world?