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I'd love to have kids with Padraig, says Kathryn Thomas


Kathryn Thomas and partner Padraig McLoughlin. Photo: Caroline Quinn

Kathryn Thomas and partner Padraig McLoughlin. Photo: Caroline Quinn

Kathryn Thomas and partner Padraig McLoughlin. Photo: Caroline Quinn

Loved-UP Kathryn Thomas has revealed that she would love to have kids with her restaurateur boyfriend.

The 36-year-old revealed that the couple are in "a great place" at the moment.

Kathryn has been dating beau Padraig McLoughlin since the summer of 2013.

"It's funny. I've never been the girl that dreams of the big white dress, but I'd never say never," she said.

"I'm really happy. And I'd love to have kids, we would love to have kids, if we're blessed, if we are lucky.


"It has to feel right, it has to be the right time and there's a lot to consider when you're thinking about a family. At the same time, we're in a great place.

The presenter has had a very busy year, between receiving smash hit ratings on The Voice of Ireland show which she also hosts, as well as moving in with the love of her life.

And as if that wasn't enough, Kathryn also started her own business.

"Everything seems to be slotting into place," she said.

"When you're happy, I think you become more accepting of yourself, you don't give yourself as much of a hard time as you did, say, in your 20s when you were more insecure ... I look back now and go, God, I used to give that so much thought and energy when I didn't need to," she said.

The presenter looks freshfaced on the front cover of the June edition of Irish Tatler, as a result of her dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

She has become a fashion icon, with her wardrobe receiving a lot of attention and the star has been a big support to Irish designers.

And in the interview with magazine, she talks about recently going one step further by setting up Pure Results Bootcamp, a fitness and wellness retreat in west Cork.

"It's not about how you look, it's about strength. That's why I love this whole fitness craze - strong is sexy, not skinny is sexy. When mentally you're in a good place, your body responds better," she said.


Meanwhile, Kathryn, who is one of the hardest-working women on television, attributes her work ethic to her father.

"My dad is my hero. I really admire everything that he has worked for," the star revealed. "He's extremely positive - I don't think I've ever, or very rarely seen him in bad humour.

"I'd like to think I'm the same ... although Padraig mightn't agree," the presenter joked.

The couple met in O'Donoghues on Dublin's Baggot Street, and Kathryn has previously told how the pair "bring out the best in each other".

"We're happy out. It's great to just feel at peace again and I've found a best friend as well, so it's lovely," the Carlow native said.