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I'd love more kids, but can wait a bit longer, says Pippa O'Connor


Pippa O'Connor from Stellar magazine shoot

Pippa O'Connor from Stellar magazine shoot

Pippa O'Connor from Stellar magazine shoot

Style icon Pippa O'Connor has revealed that she wants more children.

Her little boy Ollie is now two, however, Pippa said she doesn't feel under pressure to have more kids immediately.

"I'd definitely like to have more children," Pippa said. "But I don't feel any pressure yet. I'm only 30, so I might feel differently in a year or two."

Her lifestyle site Pippa.ie has been a big success for the fashion entrepreneur.

"It was a natural progression," she said.

"When I got pregnant, I had more time to think about what I actually wanted to do. I didn't want to be modelling forever, to get to the point where people were going: 'ugh, there she is again'."

She realised she could make a living out of the website about six months into it.

"A friend of mine who works in business asked me about my follower numbers. When I told him, he said 'I'd pay to advertise in a newspaper or magazine with those figures'," she said.

Pippa's next move is a make-up palette in association with Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

"It's my first make-up product," she told Stellar magazine in an interview for its August edition, which hits shelves tomorrow.

Photos by Naomi Gaffey showcase how Pippa transitions her fashion wardrobe from summer to autumn.