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'I want my children to think'

Eugenie Bower describes herself as an atheist. Her daughters, Maya and Pia, attend John Scottus, a multi-denominational school in Dublin 4. Eugenie says that religion, or lack of it, was very important to her when choosing a school.

"We like to think that we are raising our kids to be free-thinking and to have their own opinions about things. I think if you channel them into one specific mindset then you're not exposing them to all the different things that are out there. We do feel that religion shouldn't have a place in schools."

Eugenie chose the school for its ethos as well as its inclusiveness.

"The spiritual aspect involves philosophy as well as scripture so they do use scriptural passages from different traditions but also involve philosophy. I think that it's about enquiry and about challenging them to think of themselves in relation to other people."