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I take time for my new mum friends

Lenka Pinterova (30), has worked to maintain her relationships with her friends who have become mothers.

"It probably happens more often that I go out with single friends than mums but I don't prioritise one friend over another. If I feel someone is making an effort, I am happy to keep the friendship going."

Lenka hopes to have children one day, so takes the time to understand what her friends are going through. "I love children and I used to work as an au pair, so I know that when you have a child, you have to be everywhere -- you have to be there for the children and for other people."

She does feel that conversations with mums can be very baby-orientated but appreciates that when women are around children most of the time, they can forget what their lives were like before. "Most of us will go through this period and will forget about other things for a while. They're not doing it on purpose, it just happens naturally."