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I still get star-struck reveals Graham Norton


Graham Norton

Graham Norton

Graham Norton

Graham Norton has told how he does still occasionally get starstruck on his chat show which attracts the biggest names on the planet.

The Cork talk show king has had the Who's Who of A-listers on his famous red sofa including Madonna, Cher, Robert De Niro and Tom Cruise.

He is famous for his razor sharp wit and easy charm which prompted Matt Damon to declare recently it was the best chat show he had ever been on.

But the 51-year-old told BBC Breakfast yesterday the arrival of Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston on his show this season might bring out the fan in him.

"Every now and again there are people. We have some people coming up who I have never met before. Nicole Kidman is coming on and Jennifer Aniston is coming on.

"They might walk out and I'll go 'Wow' because they are such familiar faces and suddenly they are there."

Meanwhile, the Irish star, who has just published his new book the Life and Loves of a He Devil, said he believes his show's winning formula of sitting all the guests together reveals quite a lot about the celebrities.


"In the end, everyone is media trained (so) you are not going to ask them a question where they are going to blurt something out.

"The idea of getting a scoop certainly on a show like mine is very unlikely. I think where people reveal themselves is on that interaction on the couch in what they laugh at and what they don't like.

"It's like watching people at a dinner party. People are revealed through the eyes of other people."

He also explained his logic behind turning down an incredible €6.3m salary package from the BBC in 2000 because they weren't offering him jobs he wanted to do.

"That makes me sound like Mother Teresa. I was working at Channel 4 and very happy.

"It was years ago and the BBC approached me with an offer for some jobs but nothing I particularly wanted to do."

He joked that he didn't get the same package when he did opt to join the BBC four years later.

"No that seemed to have fallen down the back of a sofa somewhere," he said laughing.