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I sold my Lamborghini ... thanks to the Herald -- MOD

PUBLISHER Michael O'Doherty sold his trademark orange Lamborghini car within hours of announcing the sale in the Herald.

The VIP magazine boss wrote in his weekly column last week that he was bidding a final farewell to his beloved luxury car, which has turned heads on the city's streets since 2005.

No sooner had the Herald hit the streets than, Michael received a call from a very zealous car lover who desperately wanted to buy the car as a present.

And the writer handed over the keys on Saturday, for a sum that was near his asking price of €75,000.

But Michael told the Herald that there has been no period of grief for the unique model, and he's happy driving his 1997 Mercedes instead.

"I sold it on the exact day that the Herald came out.


"I had booked the ads on the main motoring websites to start the following day but I got a phone call from someone who saw the Herald and they wouldn't take no for an answer.

"He viewed it the very next day. I can't say too much about the buyer because he bought it for a present for someone.

"All that I can say is that I sold it to someone from outside Dublin, so the good thing is I won't have to see it being driven around and I won't instinctively go up to it and want to put the key into it.

"I took his offer before someone else saw it. I was lucky it was sold in the climate. But the car is unique and you're always going to find someone with cash under the mattress."

The Herald columnist said he made the decision to sell the car when he weighed up how little he'd driven it.

"The day I decided to sell it was the day I said goodbye and I just turned my back. I had my fun with it," he said.

"I walk to work all the time and I couldn't justify keeping it."