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I faced a bit of a nightmare and learned that I really need to keep on cramming

Ellie Connolly (18) from St Mary's College in Dundalk found yesterday's Maths Paper Two more difficult than she had hoped. She is hoping her hard work will pay off in tomorrow's History exam.

"I had a bit of a nightmare with Maths Paper Two yesterday. I found it very tough and much more difficult than Paper One. I knew it would be hard from doing past papers but this seemed to be different to a lot of the questions we were used to.


"The trigonometry question was particularly confusing. I spent quite a while trying to work it out but I don't think I got it right.

"The most annoying thing about Paper Two is the way the questions are worded. It takes a few minutes to decipher each section and figure out which theorem or formula needs to be applied.

"Our teachers always tell us the importance of attempting each section so I made sure I had a go at everything. Some of the answers I got didn't quite fit but if the theory behind it is right than I should get some marks.

"Everyone agreed it was a tough paper. I know you shouldn't really be worrying about how other people do but it's nice to know that you're not the only one who found an exam hard. I was much happier with Maths Paper One so hopefully that will bring my overall mark up.

"I had a day off today as I don't do Biology and I'm exempt from Irish. All my friends were upset about the mix-up with the Irish paper yesterday. I felt really bad for them because I know how much hard work they had put in. To get such hard questions seemed a bit unfair given the circumstances.

"I spent most of the day studying for my last three exams: Business, History and Art History. They're all quite text-heavy so it's been a stressful day trying to cram for them. I went into school in the afternoon to get some last-minute tips from my Business teacher.

"It's great to think I only have a few more exams and then I'm free for the summer but I know I can't let my concentration drop at this late minute."