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I couldn't get out of bed because of my depression - Marian

author Marian Keyes has revealed that despite the success of her new book she is still plagued by mental health problems.

Earlier this year, the best-selling writer poignantly opened up about her battle with depression, explaining how baking had helped comfort her.

But Dun Laoghaire-based Marian (48) admitted today that her condition still brought her daily challenges.

"Mental health wise, it's all a bit up and down," she said.

"I've had a very bad time recently, where I've been both catatonic -- it takes me forever to wake up and I feel like I'm made of stone, trying to get my limbs to get me out of bed is next to impossible -- but I also feel horribly, horribly uneasy, like everything is distorted and unfamiliar and terrifying. But I'm functioning, which I'm very grateful for."

Marian is now working on a new book. She recently released Saved By Cake -- which was launched last month for charity.

All the Irish royalties of the book go to St Vincent de Paul "because of the brutal hardship being experienced by so many people right now", she said.


It will be a work of fiction, which she has previously described as "really funny".

"I managed to finish the major editing on the novel, which is a massive relief because I was really worried I was going to spiral into the pit before it was done," she said.

Over the past two years, Marian has found it difficult to work for long stretches of time due to her condition.

She says her next book will be the result of many hardships and the long battle for her to regain a normal daily life.

"I can't tell you how incredible this is, because for months in the past two and a quarter years I've been unable to get out of bed or motivate myself to do anything," she said earlier this year.

She now seems to have a new lease of life and she even considered dying her hair blue like US pop star Katy Perry but was persuaded to go for purple.

"Well, I went to my hairdresser Grace ... I said to (her), 'Grace,' I says, 'You know Katy Perry's hair?'

"And Grace looked a little wary ... I said 'Could I have mine done like that?' And Grace looked me in the eye and said, 'No'.

"She explained all about bleaching and damage. But then. Grace came up with the most unexpected solution. Extensions. Coloured ones. Purple. I love."