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'I almost gave up on novel over suicide theme' – Cecelia


RELEASE: Author Cecelia Ahern. Photo: Arthur Carron/Collins

RELEASE: Author Cecelia Ahern. Photo: Arthur Carron/Collins

RELEASE: Author Cecelia Ahern. Photo: Arthur Carron/Collins

IT is number one in the Irish best-sellers list.

But novelist Cecelia Ahern has revealed how she nearly abandoned new novel How To Fall In Love because of its theme of suicide.

"I was really afraid when I came up with the idea because suicide is such a sensitive subject. I told myself I can't do that, but as soon as I thought that, I felt, well I definitely have to do it," said Ahern (32).

Her story opens with Dubliner Adam Basil threatening to take his own life by jumping off the Ha'penny Bridge.

But passer-by Christine Rose intervenes but she then has two weeks to convince him that life is worth living.

Cecelia revealed it was George Clooney who helped inspire her new page turner in his role as a corporate downsizer in the film Up In The Air.

"George plays a man in the film who thinks he can control despair, but what must it be like to deal with that despair every single day? That same week I came across a Westlife song called Talk Me Down and both ideas gelled, "she said.



The busy mum of three says her busy home life is helping her be sharper and more disciplined in her writing.

"My editor says I need less editing now because everything I write is more focused. I have less time to daydream I suppose than I used to, so when I walk into that space I am ready to create," she said.

Having released her new book in the past month, Cecelia will undertake promotional trips to Romania, New York, London and Germany before a book festival in India.

"The best thing for me is always coming home. I really have the best of both worlds in that I see the world and return home to family and friends.

"I've no wish to live anywhere but Ireland, never mind my children are in Montessori here. I love our attitude and our humour," she said.