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how to scrub up for spring the easy way

It's easy to forget to exfoliate in the winter, because exfoliating and self-tanning go hand in hand – but why not get a jump on having glorious, clean skin before it's time to go for the glow? Your bod will thank you and you'll have less to scrape off when the summertime comes.

DERMALOGICA Exfoliating Body Scrub, €33,

HHHHH Always been a fave, always will be. A little goes a long way and lathers up, to boot. It rinses really well, which is not the case with many brands and it leaves behind a squeaky clean pelt. It is the business.

CLINIQUE Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator, €22, HHHHI This is invigorating and the gel-base holds the scrubby bits really well. However, the gel-base is the devil to wash off. Whenever I use this, I feel like it takes me an extra five minutes in the shower. I don't know about you, but I mainly don't have that time to waste. Great if you're not in a rush.

BLISS Hot Salt Scrub, €40, HHHII Oh, I wish this was better. It is a great concept: scrub this all over your dry body and it gets you all warm and toasty. You hop in the shower and the salt rubs off all the dead skin, and you are all shiny and new. Sadly, no. You will indeed experience some change of temperature and you will indeed scrub off some old cells, but you won't get as warm as you wish.

VOYA Time To Shine Body Buff, €24, HHHII A buff is not the same as a scrub. To me, a buff implies a mere sloughing away of the surface, while a scrub really gets in there. This falls between those two stools, but errs on the side of the former. In other words, not the go-to for a massive exfoliation, but great if your skin is very sensitive.

LYCON SPA ESSENTIALS Pomegranate Sugar Scrub, €25, HHHHH

This is spa-quality and for a sugar scrub – which normally rolls right off your body, no matter how you try to prevent it – this is tops. The jelly-like base holds the scrub in perfect suspension and it smoothes over the skin with nary a grain lost. And it smells delicious. Love this (from Brazilia, South William Street).