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How to get the ultimate stomach

One of the latest trends from Hollywood is 'the V-shape' with the ladies having a real shaped and sculptured look to the abs.

Unfortunately, sometimes it goes a little too far with girls getting too defined and showing vascularity i.e, too many veins popping out which, personally, I think is horrible.

If your waist is that shape, your face and back will look similar, drawn and tight. However, experts are beginning to realise that the more sit-ups and side bends you do, the wider and bigger your waist will get, losing your natural shape and curves.

We have been saying this for years in our gym. If you still want to get that V-shape look at the bottom of your waist with a line going up either side nearly down to the pelvis that everyone seems to want, then exercise would be 40pc and diet 60pc.

However, with the correct gentle and slow movements done correctly with plenty of concentration, avoiding the oblique muscles on the side of your waist can produce the look you want.

By doing side bends with weights you will widen and thicken this area, getting that straight down look, which most people don't want.

Remember, if you have a soft, flabby midsection, no exercise on its own will remove it -- you have to cut out all junk food and sugar, alcohol and bad carbs, i.e, white flour products and all soft drinks.

Anything that is low fat is higher in some fat and sugar or sweetener. Palm oil does a lot of damage and it is in most low fat foods, so be aware of this. Stay as close as possible to a normal, balanced diet. You will see the inches and the fat fall off with your cardio workout combined with light weights.

If you have a bad back, consult your doctor before attempting any exercise programme.