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How model Laura O’Shea's short crop made her a cut above the rest


Laura O'Shea

Laura O'Shea

Laura O'Shea

Laura O’Shea has revealed that ditching her long hair for a signature short do has worked wonders for her career.

The Andrea Roche beauty (25) is known for her fashion-forward sense of style and cropped hair-do but told the Diary she wasn’t always so chic.

“When I first started modelling, my hair was short but I felt like it was a requirement for me to have long hair,” she said.

“I spent the first three years trying to grow my hair out because I thought I had to, though no one was forcing me to do it.”

However, it was when the Limerick girl (right) moved to work in Dublin that she made the decision to return to her roots – thanks to some gentle persuasion from her family and boyfriend, Keywest frontman Andy Kavanagh.

“I found my feet a bit more and decided to cut it up and since then it’s been such a career changer – I’m so much busier than before,” Laura said. “I don’t think I’ll look back, at least for a while. I’ve nothing against extensions, they just didn’t work for me.”