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How down to earth are you?

Doctors are claiming huge benefits from 'earthing' and going barefoot

I'M Sitting here in the glorious sunshine in West Cork, my feet resting in the water's edge as part of my new earthing regime. Yes, earthing. I remember speaking about this 20 years ago and most people thought it was strange, to say the least.

But now earthing has been hailed as the most important discovery over the past decade to treat inflammatory illnesses, with medical back-up, which can include all auto-immune illnesses, respiratory problems such as asthma, migraines, chest infections, the list goes on.

The interesting thing is that no fancy equipment or medical devices are required.

Earthing at a Glance

Earthing means walking barefoot outside or inside, sitting or sleeping while connected to a conductive device that delivers the natural healing of the earth's life force.

Thousands of women, men and children have been documented with extraordinary results and no, you are not being electrocuted, it's completely safe. With earthing, your body becomes charged with negative-free electrons which are abundantly present in the earth's surface.



Your body immediately releases the same electric energy as the earth when grounded. You can feel the effects within minutes, but they will vary from person to person. Doing the exercise every day you will see improvement, according to Stephen Sinatra MD.

Earthing diffuses the cause of inflammation and improves the many inflammation disorders and can also reduce chronic pain according to scientific research.


> Improves sleep in most cases

> Increases energy

> Lowers stress and promotes calmness by cooling down the nervous system and stress hormones

> Normalises the body's bio-rhythms

> Thins blood and improves circulation

> Speeds healing

> Reduces jet-lag

> Protects the body from environmental electro- magnetic fields

> Accelerates recovery after intense exercise

The immune system is being overloaded with poor diets, air pollution, stress, obesity and lack of exercise. We are becoming disconnected from the earth's energies.

Dr William Rossi, a foot specialist, believes that our shoes are causing untold damage to our feet and our health. It took four million years to develop a unique human foot and a few thousand years to cause us serious problems.

From hip, knee joint and foot pain, the mechanics have completely shifted to an unnatural gait. Look at the many tribes of the world that walk barefoot or with light leather sandals, they have no hip, knee joint or back problems. Look at the Masai tribe, pain free.

For example the soles of the feet are covered with 1,300 nerve endings per square inch. The reason is to connect us to the earth's energy or sensory response. It's like having an electric charge from the earth throughout the body.

Shoes, Rossi says, have separated us from the life force of the earth particularly rubber soles and synthetic layers of foam, such as runners. Rossi also points out that the nerve endings of the foot are covered with sexual nerves and erotic sensations can be aroused with the touch of the grass on your feet, sand, earth or water.

David Wolfe, a health lecturer, states that the common shoe is one of the most dangerous inventions ever, "the culprits of separating us from the earth's energy and increasing auto-immune illnesses".