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Hot goal-setting tips to help you achieve

Goals can be broken down into the following major 

Family and personal goals: These include the things we want to accomplish for our loved ones and for our own pleasure.

Business and career goals: We must have these goals if we are going to be 
successful financially.

Self-improvement goals: Winning human beings are always working towards a series of self-improvement and self-development goals.

Get a notebook and write down your goals, ambitions and views for the future.

When you do this simple self-assessment, take the answers and put the ideas in a diagram the same shape as a pizza, each slice representing a section of your life.


1. Does criticism prevent me from setting goals?

2. What would I do if I won €1m on the lottery?

3. What have I done in life that gave me satisfaction and a 
feeling of importance?

4. What would I attempt if I were guaranteed success?

5. Does fear of failure prevent me from taking risks?

6. What is my area of excellence in which my greatest abilities lie - sport, music, teaching, helping people and so on.

Using the answers you get from these questions, make a definite plan for the future, including short and long-term realistic goals. Best of luck!