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Hopkins labels ad protesters 'chubsters'


Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins has waded in to the controversy surrounding an advert that asks "Are you beach body ready?" as a petition calling for its removal gathers tens of thousands of signatures.

The Protein World advert, which appears in London Underground stations, features a model in a bikini and is advertising the brand's weight loss collection.

Hopkins has added her voice to an ongoing Twitter storm, referring to "angry chubsters" - and Protein World's head of marketing said it is "great" that she has got involved.

Critics of the billboard have started the hashtag #everybodysready, while some have shared pictures of the poster with writing scrawled across it, such as "f*** off".

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said it has received 216 complaints about the ad.


An investigation has not been launched, but the ASA said it was "carefully assessing" the complaints to "establish if there are grounds for further action".

Hopkins, who has been outspoken about weight in the past, said in a series of tweets: "Chubsters, quit vandalising Protein World ads and get your arse running on the road. Feminism isn't an excuse for being fat.

"We are cheer leading chubsters, 'brave', 'beautiful inside and out' but we are quick to shame those with self-control, eating in moderation.

"Let's get the Protein World ads at the top of stairs and steep hills. Get the chubsters with their sharpies shifting their chubby arses. Off for a run. Angry chubsters - feel free to catch me and tell me about your 'medical issues'."

Protein World's Twitter account retweeted a couple of Hopkins' tweets.

Last week Hopkins was blasted by the UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights after she likened migrants to cockroaches - prompting a complaint being made to the police.