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Honestly, I can excuse all my laziness . . .

I know the festive season means it is virtually impossible to be healthy, but hospital commuting makes things that smidgen harder. If I am not eating my brother Jon's bedside goodies, then I am coming home to order a takeaway because no one has had time to stock up the cupboards, or else we are simply too tired to cook (believe it or not, it is exhausting sitting in a stuffy, artificially lit hospital). Not to mention the alcohol, which I have managed to fit in most evenings, and I sincerely never thought I would hear myself say (or even type) this, but I am officially sick of Champagne.

Marks & Spencer and its special offers has a lot to answer for. Then there is the healthy hospital cafe food option -- processed packaged 'soup of the day' -- hmmm. This all adds up to one thing: my fit-before-30 endeavour (as in two months time -- ahhh!) has just got more difficult. Now, I am a girl who relishes a challenge but this is not only taking the biscuit, but the whole tin.

The glorious weather is not helping matters either. I LOVE snow, I really do, but I hate being cold, being hit by snowballs or being unsteady on my feet. The Scot does not understand this, as he exasperatedly asked me: "How can you say you love snow if you don't like snowballs?" I just do, okay? I like to stand in the garden, hold out my arms and let the flakes fall on me for about 30 seconds. Then I look out the window and watch it whirl around under the street lights from my warm, cosy house. All very lovely but ultimately it means my groaning, overfed body has received zero exercise, which I lay squarely at the doors of the weather and hospital -- it has nothing to do with my laziness or lack of willpower. Nothing whatsoever. As for learning to drive, once again this has been put on the back burner as I value my life and the lives of others. Over the past two weeks I've seen experienced, confident drivers roll their cars into ditches/lampposts/other cars, so I doubt it would be wise to get behind the wheel at the moment.

Seeing as I am not venturing out of the house much, reading some classic books seems like a great idea. I would embrace this opportunity too if it wasn't for the return of good telly (hallelujah). I am weak and couldn't resist the triple-bill marathon of Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. Maybe I should add another 'to do before I'm 30' task -- must develop will power. And I will, right after I finish this box of Roses.