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Time to fashion a new look for your home

Some people follow trends religiously. Others avoid them at all costs, preferring to set them rather than succumb to them. Within the world of interiors, trends filter down from fashion, taking a year to catch up.

So, what you might have seen on the catwalks in 2009 will start creeping into home design by this coming summer. Each year brings with it its own interpretation of what's hot and what's not. So check it out:

1 The layered look Sounds a tad mad, and not a little dangerous, but according to the experts, layering rugs on top of each other is the hottest look for this year. You can keep tones and shades in unison altering patterns, or go mad by layering oriental with leopard skin and topping it with stripes.

2 Artisan design This trend I like. Forget big brands and designer labels. Take a break from the large department stores and keep your style unique and individual. Better to support the creative juices of artists on the bread line than lining the pockets of the commercial giants.

3 Mix and match And not just colours, but textures too. Mix velvets with satins, throw fur in with feathers. It's all about creating depth and dimension and having fun with your home design. As always, don't go for overkill. Your home is your haven, not a three-ring circus.

4 past times The state of the economy has us re-evaluating our lives, our needs, our wants. We're moving away from impulse buys and the constant need for all things new and getting our feet back on the ground. People are starting to look at what they have and rather than dumping it, are adapting it for more up-to-date usage.

5 Antiques and heirlooms Vintage is making a comeback.

Either dig out the box left by your great-grandmother and see what's in there or browse through antique shops and weekend markets to see if you can pick up a gem.

But remember, fashions come and go, so make your home reflect yourself and you may well start the next trend.