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Six of the best for outdoor illumination

The weather is an important topic to people in Ireland - it is splashed across the front pages when it is extreme, or not to our liking, or a little out of the ordinary.

Now that the sun has finally decided to put his hat on, we're tempting fate by pleading him to wear it for a little longer than last summer.

To enjoy the maximum exposure in your patio, balcony or garden, you will be needing some ambient lighting to enhance your open-air experience.

Retro Rocket - Tealight lava lamp

This chrome-plated spacecraft is powered by a single tealight placed where the booster rockets are usually found: This small candle will power the lava through its psychedelic cycle for up to three hours. It takes about 20 minutes to get started, but once it is off you'll love the slow-motion bubbles and the shapes they take.

Kaleidoscope Of Colour - Block designer Lumin light

These designer lights from Block, available in a range of shades including ice and slate, are ready to add a bit of style to your outdoor area - even during the day. As the light fades, twist the top to set off the LED, then sit back and enjoy up to 1500 hours of ambient brilliance from each set of batteries.

Nice Ice Baby - Mathmos thaw

The combination of fire and ice in this light is amazing. Fill the base mould with water and freeze - when done it'll have formed a perfect cylinder to place over a tealight. The candlelight flicker given off through the ice is mesmerising. Also, over the course of a few hours your ice shade melts - adding further to the effect.

In The Bag - Candle Bags

Made from flame-retardant material, these simple shades for tealights give off a gorgeous glow when dotted around your garden. They are available in either fireworks or star patterns and there are five in each set. When you are done the bags just fold flat for easy storage and are ready to re-use at a moment's notice.

Supersized Shade - Edison the Grand indoor or outdoor light

You can use this 3ft high light either indoors our outdoors - and what a centrepiece it'll make whether in the living room or on the patio. Justify your investment by perhaps calling it a "working sculpture". There is no doubt that this is one interesting illuminator that'll have neighbours peering over the fence.

Caribbean Flavour - LED palm tree

Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, these LED palm trees are plenty of fun and will brighten up any garden. With the tree free-standing on you back lawn, you'll be in need of a limbo string and perhaps even an expanse of sand to set the scene properly.

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