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‘Sarah taught me not to waste time worrying’

Sarah Webb is a mum-of-three and a successful author (her two latest publications are The Loving Kind and children's book Emma the Penguin). Sarah is the eldest in a family of four children. We spoke to her and her mum Melissa about their mother-daughter relationship.


"The qualities I admire in my mum are the fact that she's very patient and she has a lot of energy. She's very interested in culture and literature and as kids she brought us to the library and the museum as well as the park.

"Mum worked part-time as a French teacher when we were growing up and she was great helping us with our French homework. She was very supportive of all of us going through school and encouraged me to go on to college as she saw the benefits of getting further education.

"Looking back now, my mum must have had a lot of patience -- at one stage her three daughters were all teenagers.

"One of the biggest lessons I learnt from my mum is to do something you really enjoy and love. She loved teaching and then she began doing charity work, which she still does now. My mum taught me to approach things with as much joy as you can and to have a good work ethic. Both my mum and dad were very supportive when I decided to give up a full-time job in book sales to go into writing.

"My mum has really embraced new technology and is great at sending texts and emails. She's always the first to whip out a digital camera at family get-togethers."


"Sarah was born at the Rotunda Hospital and I remember it was magical when I held her first. She was only a little thing at 6lbs and her dad is six-foot- one, so it was a real contrast when he held her.

"She was always a happy little thing and loved reading books and going to ballet. She looked like a little blonde butterfly in her ballet costume.

"Sarah used to write stories when she was younger and, even now, I will sometimes pull open a drawer somewhere in the house and find little stories written by her.

"I admire Sarah's organisational ability and the way she's able to multi-task. She manages to focus on her writing while juggling lots of other things too.

She's a great mother and does lots of fun things with her kids.

"One of the things that I've learnt from Sarah is how to let some things go. She's a great example of how to seize the day and not to waste time worrying about things that don't matter."

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