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Roadwatch's Conor loses ¤525 in card skimming

AA ROADWATCH'S Conor Faughnan became the latest victim of card skimming when hundreds of euro was taken from his account.

The sophisticated counterfeit fraud is a significant problem in Ireland, which accounts for 21pc of all theft by card.

Conor said he didn't realise anything was wrong until he spotted a payment for several hundred euro at a hardware shop in Limerick which he had not visited.

He said the card was cloned at some point and then used by an unidentified person to purchase online.

"Some evil git cloned my card and €585 vanished from my account in a fraud transaction," Conor said.

He said his banking institution was very understanding about the incident.

"The bank were fine, it is an every day occurrence.

"I have no idea where it was cloned but it was used online."

The Irish Payment Services Organisation said that the biggest card fraud issue is in the area of 'card not present' fraud which accounts for 71pc of all debit card and 89pc of all credit card fraud losses.


The organisation said that early detection is key to act quickly on fraudulent activity.

Consumers are urged to report any suspicious activity to their bank immediately.

"When using an ATM, check to see if anything looks unusual or suspicious about the ATM. If it appears to have anything stuck on to the card slot or key pad, do not use it. Cancel the transactions and walk away. Never try to remove suspicious devices," the organisation advised.

They also said consumers must be cautious if strangers offer to help at an ATM or other PIN entering device, even if you're card is stuck or you're having difficulties.

While it is difficult to obtain a full idea of the exact figures of skimming and counterfeit fraud, the representative for IPSO said that although overall card fraud increased in 2011, skimming and counterfeit fraud had reduced by 3pc.

"The majority of skimming and counterfeit fraud losses are absorbed by retailers or banks outside Ireland," they told the Herald.