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Pricepoints: Finishing touch to your full irish

Irish black pudding has become an Irish cultural and culinary icon over the past few years and is justly celebrated in all our Michelin-starred restaurants.

White puddings are made from a similar recipe, but do not contain blood, so are favoured by more squeamish eaters -- and are never treated with the same respect.

This is a pity as a well-made pork-and-spices white pudding provides a nice contrast to the earthier black pudding.

The arrival of Clonakilty black pudding revolutionised the artisan pudding industry in Ireland and almost all good puddings aim for a similar flavour with quality pork flavours mixed with good oatmeal.

While the white version does not have the same depth of flavour as the traditional black pudding, it is still a tasty addition to any fried breakfast, as part of a warm salad, or simply served on buttered toast as a mid-morning snack.

There are just too many puddings available to test them all, so I chose the ones that are most commonly available in supermarkets plus own brands.

RUDDS, €1.99

Spicy, moist and with a pleasing golden colour once fried. Slightly sweet taste of onions and quality pork meat and a lingering spicy finish. Excellent 8.5/10


Nutty and rich with a good meaty pork and chewy oatmeal taste that was not overly fatty. Good sweet flavour and a pleasing spicy finish. 7.5/10


Soft and slightly mealy but with a good sweet pork taste and balanced spices. 6.5/10


Moist and fairly rich tasting pudding with a strong taste of white pepper balanced by sweet pork. Good. 6.5/10


Moist, spicy and salty with a solid pork flavour and a background taste of white pepper and some chewy oatmeal. A little fatty but still good. 6/10

TESCO, €1.89

Nutty, chewy oatmeal with pork coming through followed by white pepper. Quite good but a little heavy on the pepper. 6/10


Soft and a little bready but with good spicy pork taste. A little bland but not bad. 5.5/10

DUNNES, €1.46

Soft, oatmeal flavour, rather fatty and a strong pepper taste. Not bad but could have done with some more pork flavours. 5/10

DENNYS, €1.25

Anaemic light pink colour, salty, and tasted of sausages rather than pudding. Not really a match for the others. 4/10