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Price points: Tin foil

Tin foil is a household necessity, but which brand is cheapest and which is strongest?

Tin foil is no longer made from tin but from aluminium. It is recyclable, but only if it has been washed first.

All the tin foils were tested for strength and for ease of use. The marks were weighted using price and quality factors, including how easy it was to tear a strip from the box.

Four of the brands were virtually identical in price per square metre and given that these were almost half the price of their nearest competitor, we felt it was best to judge them separately. All foils were 300mm wide unless stated.

The Value Options

Aldi Alio €2.19 for 30m (24c per sqm)

Light box, easy to tear but the strongest of the value options. The winner.


Superquinn Euroshopper €1.49 for 20m (24c per sqm) Solid box, easy to tear and fairly strong, just pipped by the Aldi version.


Tesco Value Foil €1.10 for 15m (24c per sqm) No box but easy enough to tear in a straight line. Despite being one of the thinnest this was actually quite sturdy.


Lidl Aromata €2.19 for 30m (24c per sqm) Light box, easy to tear, but far too thin. You would need to double this foil for awkward shapes.


The Premium Options

Tesco Brand €5.45 for 40m (45c per sqm)

Sturdy box and the only one with a sharp perforated strip to allow easy tearing. Medium thick and quite strong. The best value of the premium brands.


Shannon Foil €3.49 per 15m (51c per sqm) Large width (455mm), embossed, very strong foil. The box will probably not last but this was the sturdiest foil of them all.


Supervalu €4.74 for 30m (52c per sqm)

Reasonable box construction, strong sturdy foil. Not bad.


Raytex Foil €3.29 for 10m (62c per sqm) Good box, 445mm wide, fairly strong foil but the most expensive in the test.


Dunnes €1.75 for 10m (58c per sqm) Medium thick but no better for awkward shapes than any of the top value options.