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'Mum is super organised, a real matriarch'

Siobhan O'Connor is the Gossip Girl at Dublin's 98 and is the eldest of the three daughters in her family. We chatted to her and her mum, Lorna, about their mother-daughter relationship.


"My muM is very strong and she is also a very organised person. I get things done in the end but my mum is super organised. She's a real matriarch and we were very lucky to have had her time and attention when we were growing up.

"Mum also has a lot of enthusiasm and lust for life. She likes to play golf and I play with her sometimes. I live only a few minutes from my parents' house so I'm around there almost every second day, popping in and out.

"I moved out of home when I got engaged and I think I was crying more than mum on moving day. I loved coming in at night to have chats with her. But we do make time to see each other now. My mum had me when she was in her early 20s so it means we have things in common and can talk about the same things.

"One of my strongest memories of my mum is going to the beach in Malahide one summer and it was typical Irish weather. My mum had the umbrella up on the beach. But I suppose most of my memories are of her being there for me and I really have to thank her for that."


"Siobhan has a bright personality and can get on with anybody. Since she was five, she wanted to be an actress and she used to get involved in putting on plays on the green near where we lived.

"We are always making a joke out of the fact that Siobhan's first words were, 'Would you like a cup of tea?' because she must have heard it a lot in our house.

"She has always been a hard worker and was like that both with her schoolwork and with working part-time later on while she was studying.

"One thing that people wouldn't know about Siobhan is that she's very good at baking. She is always giving us goodies, whether it's Pavlova or macaroons. She's a very creative person and can make beautiful photo collages.

"The two of us like to go to functions, whether it's a play or a fashion show, and we also get together to play golf. As a family we are quite close and go on holidays together, too.

"I don't think our relationship has changed that much over the years -- obviously she has matured and got married but she still calls in and everything is the same."

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