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Mothers and daughters: 'No day was long enough for my Ciara'

Ciara Geraghty is a mum-of-three and is the author of two novels (her latest book is Becoming Scarlett, published by Hachette Books). We spoke to Ciara and her mum Breda, who is also a mum-of-three, about their relationship.


"People say that my mum and I look very alike because we have red hair and pale skin. We have similar personalities in some ways; we're both quite sociable people.

"I joke with my mum that it can take us two hours to walk into the village because everyone knows her and stops to have a chat.

"My mum is very kind and generous, and she loves having a laugh. She is also great with my kids. When my first child, Saidbh, was born I had to go back to work, and mum looked after her during the day for four years.

"Mum definitely gave me the gift of reading and encouraged me to read from an early age. I remember reading Anne of Green Gables and running into the kitchen at an important part of the story. Mum looked up and said, 'Matthew's died, hasn't he?' I remember feeling as sad as if it had happened in real life.

"I'll always remember the time when I lived in Geneva for a year and was having trouble getting the deposit for my flat back from the landlady. When my mum came over to visit, I asked her not to intervene, but all I had to do was introduce the landlady to my mother and suddenly the deposit was given back to me.

"Our relationship has definitely matured over the years and, as a parent, I've realised how patient you have to be with your children. My mother says I was the easiest of the children to give birth to and the most difficult to rear."


"The quality I most admire in Ciara is her determination. Once she makes her mind up to do something, she'll get it done.

"When she wrote her first book, she had two children already and was expecting a third baby. She was also working during the daytime, so she really had to work hard to write the book.

"She was always determined, even as a child. No day was ever long enough for her, and she had a great imagination and loved making up games.

"Ciara is a great mother. She's much more easy-going with her kids than I was with mine -- she bakes with them and doesn't mind that the flour is out on the table and getting a bit messy.

"Ciara was always very sociable when she was growing up. When she became a mother, I saw a different side to her that was a more settled side. She's great fun and is always good company."

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