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'Mam gave me the confidence to become a mother'

Singer Angel has been singing professionally since the age of 17 and regularly performs around the country. She is mum to a little boy called Jack and is the eldest in her family. We spoke to her and her mum Pauline about their mother and daughter relationship.


"My mam is very generous of heart and is the sweetest, kindest person I've ever met. She always puts everyone else ahead of herself. She's genuinely pleased to hear about somebody's good news and you'd never hear a negative word coming out of her mouth.

"My mam worked part-time when my brother John and I were old enough to go to primary school. It meant that she was there when we got home from school and there was a hot lunch on the table.

"Having had that when I was growing up, I wanted to have the same for my son Jack. So I sing at the weekends when my husband can mind him and then I'm free to look after him during the week.

"When I think of my mam, I think back to the amount of help she gave me in being a mother myself. Like a lot of mums, I was a bit overwhelmed when I brought my baby home and there was so much still to learn. My mam gave me the confidence to be a mother and was so reassuring. After a couple of weeks, I remember her telling me how proud she was of me and that was a real boost.

"It's funny how your mam always stays your mam no matter what. Even now, when I'm travelling to a gig, she'll remind me to be careful and pull off the road if I'm feeling tired. I've always known that she's really loved me and that's a great feeling to have."


"When Angel was about two years old, she hadn't started talking but she was always singing. She would listen to songs on the radio and hum along to her heart's content.

"She always wanted to be a singer, and her dad and I said she should do her Leaving Cert first and then she could take it on afterwards if she wanted to.

"Angel is a very positive person. She's very caring and likes to make sure everyone in the family is okay.

"She is also a great hostess and when we call down for dinner, we often have every type of food imaginable. She's a very good cook.

"Personality wise, I think Angel is more like her dad than me as I'm more of a background person. But one thing I think we have in common is thinking positively about things. Years ago, I learnt that negativity doesn't get you anywhere and it won't make matters right."

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